Why Let’s be Positive?

Let's be Positive Blog

The idea for Let’s be Positive began in 2016, when I took part in a 30-day challenge. I thought it would be a month of sit ups and squats, but when the first task was to download Audible and listen to a self-help book, I realised I hadn’t actually read up, before I signed up!

I had never read a self-development book before and, to be honest, it had never appealed to me as I thought of myself as a pretty positive person. I’d had therapy in my 20s which provided me with lots of coping tools for when I did feel low, so I thought I had it sussed. However, I knew within 5 minutes of listening to my first book that this could really change my life – even though I hadn’t known I wanted this change. 

As I made my way through one book after another and continued to complete various tasks set in the challenge, I started to realise the power of being surrounded by positivity. 

The name

One topic that often popped up was affirmations. I had never even heard of affirmations and I couldn’t get my head around the fact you should say nice things to yourself. I actually thought it was a bit weird! But I decided to give it a go, and one phrase that always crept into my mind was let’s be positive:

Not had any sleep? Let’s be positive.
Worried about the kids? Let’s be positive.
Suffering with Mum Guilt? Let’s be positive.
Feeling inadequate? Let’s be positive.

It genuinely seemed to nip my negative thoughts in the bud (not always of course – it’s not really possible to feel on cloud nine all of the time!).

The idea

I also started to see how motivational quotes could lift me up. How being around positive people would inspire me. How wearing a bright colour could put me a better frame of mind. And I wanted to share these realisations. I wanted others to be surrounded by positivity and feel good.

And that’s why we’re Let’s be Positive! We hope you enjoy our blog, you love our products, and that you feel good after visiting our website or social media platforms.

Because you deserve to feel good. Actually, you deserve to feel AMAZING!